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Alpine ferns. Image courtesy

We live in a beautiful world. Our walks and journeys in the mountains take us into the finely balanced alpine environment. We see the bright alpine flowers, hear birdsong, smell the delicate scent of the pines trees and revel in the exhilaration of physical challenge. These journeys may also give us a valuable feeling of space and sense of perspective in our lives. This is why many of us return again and again to the mountains, developing a respect for and a relationship with the land and the rest of nature. For me, there is a reciprocity and respect inherent in this relationship.

I aim to provide authentic experiences of lasting value for you and to share my knowledge and sense of wonder. Sustainability and responsible travel then are two of the underpinning values to my work and life in the mountains.

Tours are thought through and planned to maximise the connection with nature and with regard to the use of resources: to respect the plants and animals encountered for their intrinsic value and minimise the impact of our journeys.

Tours adhere to the ‘Leave NoTrace’ principles. Since we enjoy the beauty of this finely balanced alpine environment we can choose to act in ways that conserve it and contribute to ensuring that it will be there for others and for future generations.

Joy from Mountain Balance. Image courtesy

This ethos includes the local towns and communities too. I aim to work with locally owned and run businesses that value you, are committed to delivering a high quality service, respect their staff and respect the environment. I support local organisations which are working to promote responsible tourism and sustainable transport policies. Thinking on a broader scale, amongst other things, I also provide information on alternatives to flight travel.

This is always going to be an active and ongoing process and there is always room for improvement. However, by being mindful and honest in the use of resources and respect for these relationships I believe it’s possible to enhance your experiences and do so in a way that respects the planet. Ultimately this is also respect for ourselves.

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