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why mountain balance

Snowshoeing with Mountain Balance. Image courtesy

It's a real pleasure to guide small groups of clients through this beautiful natural environment on walking and snowshoeing tours. Enrich your experience by discovering more about the flowers, plants and animals you’ll encounter. Take the time to appreciate the geology, the local history and culture, see aspects of the landscape that you might not otherwise notice.

Alpine marmot. Image courtesy

Nowadays many of us spend much of our time indoors, doing very cerebral jobs and living in an almost entirely man-made, built environment. A mountain journey gives the opportunity to reconnect with our physical selves and the rest of the nature. It offers us the time and mental space for reflection or just being.

Longer journeys and treks develop their own rhythm, one where life is simplified. We have the chance to relish and enjoy physical challenge, beauty, great company, good food and the deep satisfaction of a sound night’s sleep after a full and happy day.

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