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Skis, sleds and huskies - happy holidays!

And of course the good company!

I'm recently back from an amazing nordic ski touring trip in Finnmark, Norway, 70° north, and thought I'd share some photos. We traversed part of the Finmarksvidda from Alta on the west coast to Karasjok which is the Sami capital of Norway and holds the cold record for Norway, -51.4°C, chilly.

The Finnmarksvidda is an arctic plateau, wild and vast. We saw just a small number of ptarmigan in their winter white and one fox.

The only people we saw up on the tundra and in the far distance were reindeer herders either on skidoo or at their trailer cabins.

We stayed in a couple of mountain cabins, the one below has reindeer meat freeze-drying outside, on the other nights we camped.

The dogs, Nemi and Biigha, are lovely characters and were a great help with pulling the pulkes.

Nemi liked to make snowangels.

Journey's end.

Finnmark is a beautiful part of the world and well worth visiting. My trip was expertly led by Liv Engholm and organised by her and her husband's company Turgleder.