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snowshoe expedition to photograph Chamonix's lynx

Last winter there were signs to suggest that a lynx had come to live in the Chamonix Valley.

Lynx are large cats, native to European forests. They were extinct in France by 1900 but recently they have made their way back from reintroductions in Switzerland made in the 1970's. Studies show that there are about 110 individuals living in the French and Swiss Jura with other small populations in the Vosges and in the Alps.

Hoping to capture a photo of one of these beautiful and elusive big cats wildlife biologist Sylvain Gatti and I went out on our snowshoes and installed a camera trap up in the forest, close to where signs of lynx activity had been found. When we went back to check the camera card a week later there were nice photos of foxes, a pine marten and a mountain hare, all of which had been caught after dark with the camera flash, but no lynx this time. We plan to set the camera trap up again soon, keeping fingers crossed for a good photo of the lynx. I'll post the photos here.