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introduction to snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is the simplest way to access snowy terrain during the winter - what's more it's a lot of fun. In the alpine winter landscape there are forests transformed by snow, ice and sunlight, summits to climb and magnificent views to enjoy. Experience the adventure of making your own fresh tracks through newly fallen snow away from the busy resort. In these wilder places we can also gain an insight into the lives of the animals and birds active in winter.

At MountainBalance we believe that snowshoeing provides an excellent winter activity holiday. We are based in the Chamonix valley with its lively mountain town and long history of mountain sport and exploration. The Chamonix valley also gives access to snowshoeing around the Mont Blanc massif and in nearby Switzerland and Italy. 

MountainBalance offers scheduled snowshoeing holidays and bespoke snowshoe packages through our partners Descent Travel plus private snowshoe guiding on a day to day basis.

Novices are welcome. Snowshoeing can be enjoyed by anyone who lives a normal healthy lifestyle that includes regular aerobic exercise. The tours do vary in difficulty but you don't have to be super fit for many of them. 

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Perfect for individuals, couples or small groups, scheduled snowshoe holidays and bespoke packages are available from the beginning of January to the end of March, day tours are usually available from mid December. Depending on the snow conditions it may also be possible to snowshoe before and after these dates.

To enquire just drop me a line with the dates you have in mind

Guided snowshoeing in Chamonix, French Alps with Mountain Balance

Mountain Balance day/half day tours and snowshoe holidays/breaks and bespoke tours are all designed to take clients on the most scenic routes available. Guided tours allow you to make the most of my experience as a quailified International Mountain Leader so that you can enjoy safe travel in the mountains.

Guided snowshoeing, Chamonix, the French Alps with Mountain Balance

Modern snowshoes are light and made of plastic or metal. They strap onto walking boots to provide a larger surface area and so make it easier to walk on snow. Many designs of snowshoe have an hour glass shape so you can walk with quite a normal stride.

We also use walking poles with extra large baskets fitted to help with balance. Snowshoes and poles are available to hire from Mountain Balance.

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On your snowshoe tour I aim to share real insights into life in the Alps: you’ll see that the snow preserves the distinct signs and tracks of the many different animals and birds who remain active during the winter. You’ll see how they move around and get a feel for their habits and ways of life.

As the deer and chamois descend into the forest with the colder weather you may catch a glimpse of them through the trees. Flocks of small birds: great, blue, crested and willow tits, and goldcrests, flit and twitter amongst the pine branches in search of food. Above the treeline, you may see a magnificent ibex scraping away the snow to reach the lichen they depend upon for winter food.


For prices and full booking information, visit our snowshoe booking page.

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