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summer trek grading

While I aim to be specific about height gain and altitudes in the grading, it is always going to be quite subjective and can be influenced by how you feel on the day. The weather conditions too can significantly influence how a day feels. The following general descriptions are to give you an idea of what’s involved. Please remember the better your fitness the more energy you will have to enjoy the views, the company and the overall experience of your trip. If you have any questions relating to your fitness or walking experience please get in touch.

moderate trip grading

For healthy, active people. Typically between 4 to 6 hours walking per day with a maximum ascent of 600m though there may be occasional days with more ascent, the altitudes are moderate. You need not have previous mountain experience as the paths are generally good.

demanding trip grading

Typically between 5-7 hours walking with an average ascent/descent of 800-1000m per day at altitudes up to about 3000m. Tours in this category will be enjoyed by fit, active hill walkers; this would be equivalent to walking in the Lakes, Snowdonia or Scotland. While the paths are generally good there may be sections which are on rocky terrain or scree. 
Preparation: it is likely you will be enjoying regular aerobic exercise every week with frequent hill walking days out.

challenging trip grading

Typically between 5-8 hours a day's walking with an average ascent/descent of 800-1200m on consecutive days, with occasional longer days or more ascent. This may take you over 3000m in altitude. These tours are for active, experienced hill walkers with a good level of current fitness and previous trekking experience. On some days the paths will be on technical walking terrain and will include rocky going, including loose scree such as you find in the Lakes, Snowdonia or on some of the Scottish Munros.  

Preparation: you will be enjoying frequent aerobic exercise every week with regular hill walking days out.


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